Make a Cardboard Box

Make a Cardboard Box with the Donek Tools Drag Knife.

Make a cardboard box with ease using a Donek Drag Knife.   With this free software, all you need to know are the dimensions of the cardboard box you want to make.  Enter the dimensions in the software and it will create the file to cut the box you need.  You can cut the same box over and over or create new cardboard box files for any item you sell.

D2 or D4 Drag Knife

Our D2 or D4 Drag Knife is the right choice if you want to make a cardboard box.  They can cut materials up to 1/4in thick and use a standard utility knife blade, minimizing the cost of blades.  Make a cardboard box, cut leather, cut gasket material, cut pre-preg carbon fiber laminates, and more.  If you can cut it with a utility knife, you can cut it faster and more accurately with a Donek Tools Drag Knife.

Cardboard Box Software

Our software can be downloaded for free.  It can be used to make a cardboard box with 4 flaps top and bottom, just like the ones used for most shipping purposes.  The software is available in g-code and shopbot code versions.  Click here for the free download.


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