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Model: D1 D2 D3 D4 Creaser
Collet Size: 1/2in 1/2in 1/4in 1/4in NA
Maximum Depth of Cut: 1/16in 1/4in 1/16in 1/4in NA
Minimum Cut Radius: 1/16in 1/8in* 1/16in 1/8in* NA
Approximate** Offset Value: 0.065in(1.65mm) 0.16in(4.0mm) 0.065in(1.65mm) 0.16in(4.0mm) 0.8in(20.3mm)

* If you are cutting material thicker than 1/8in, the minimum cut radius on the D2 or D4 increases to the material thickness

** Offset values are approximate because results may vary from machine to machine and material to material. In general, if your blade is overturning at corners, reduce the offset. If it is under turning, increase the offset.

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