SheetCAM Software Information

Learn how SheetCAM works with the Donek Drag Knives:

SheetCAM Software Information

Program your Drag Knife toolpths with ease.

  • Uses drag knife offset compensation to enable greater detail and precision in your cut part
  • Add corner actions to any tool path
  • Update your start points without having to regenerate your tool path
  • Visualize your tool path in 3 dimensions

Profile Cutting (Routing and Milling)

  • Inside, outside or on the vector
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Ramp cutting.
  • Finishing allowances for roughing tools
  • Selectable leadin and leadout
  • Climb or normal cut direction

Pocketing (Routing and Milling)

  • Automatic island detection
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Adjustable stepover

Drilling (Routing and Milling)

  • Drill from circles or points in a DXF file
  • Peck drilling with controllable retract amount

V-Carving (Routing and Milling)

  • Create 3D relief carving effects with V shaped bits

View your tool path in 3 dimensions

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